Vail Hiking Tricks & Tips

As the weather begins to warm, we let our minds wander to another time; a time when the sun shines, the temperature rises and we trade our ski boots for hiking boots. While this time may seem to be a far away dream to those within the Rocky Mountains, we at Solaris Vail know it will be a reality in just a few weeks, and we want you to be prepared. Below are a few tricks and tips from those who know these mountains the best!


Vail has a hike for every skill level! Here are a few of our favorites. Fireweed offers a beautiful one mile hike through the wooded area between Adventure Ridge and Mid-Vail. This hike is perfect for a family walking with children or those who find themselves more interested in a summer stroll than the intensity of a Colorado hike. Intermediate hikers may enjoy the Grand Escape trail, which features a loop trail that is riddled with incredible Vail views at a manageable mile and a half length. For those seeking a lengthier mountain hike, another popular intermediate hike among Vail visitors is the Ptarmigan Loop. This loop offers a four-mile trail accompanied by scenic the background of shaded woods. And those who find themselves looking for a challenge will be immediately drawn to the numerous Fourteeners within the Vail area. While these hikes may not be for the faint of heart, they are not strictly reserved for the locals. Mount of the Holy Cross is within the Eagle country limits and offers the challenge Fourteener climbers are seeking, while offering beautiful scenic vistas.


Water, water, water! We cannot stress the importance of staying hydrated enough. Drinking water assists in alleviating the headaches and nausea that may come with the blend of heightened elevation and exercise.


Proper footwear is another hiking must! While the warm temperatures and seemingly easy trails may lead one to believe wearing sandals and other summer footwear is acceptable, we caution against it. It is difficult to predict the conditions of the trails: You may encounter rabbit holes, muddy areas, frozen terrain or other obstacles, which can be dangerous for those not wearing the appropriate foot apparel.


Another simple, yet often forgotten tip, is to apply sunscreen. The combination of Vail’s high altitude and the intense summer sun is sure to result in some pink cheeks, and we encourage you to save your skin from sun damage by applying the proper amount of sunscreen continuously throughout your hike. New sunscreen sticks and powder brush-on formulas make it especially easy to reapply.


Wear layers and bring a poncho! If you’ve visited Colorado before, you’ve probably heard the saying, ‘if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.’ This is a common saying throughout the state for good reason. Colorado weather is notorious for its mood swings, and you never know when a thundercloud will suddenly overtake the sun, and you’ll be caught in a rainstorm; or when a cloudy day can turn into a sunny scorcher in moments.

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