10 Things Every Solaris Guest Should Pack This Winter

Ski season has begun, so we are “gearing” up for winter with this list of items every suitcase headed to the mountains should contain!

1. Your warmest pair of gloves and socks: Daytime winter temperatures in Vail can land well below freezing – that’s why it offers world-class snow. Warm gloves and socks are the best way to keep your fingers and toes at ease while hitting the slopes or cruising around Vail Village.

2. Skis and/or a snowboard: What better way to spend a winter getaway than on some of the world’s finest slopes? Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Vail Mountain is 5,289 acres of ski and snowboarding heaven. Don’t have your own gear? No problem; our Personal Assistants can assist you with rentals.

3. Sunglasses: It’s always important to wear sunglasses while outside on a sunny day, but this especially rings true when visiting a mountain town. Snow paints the mountainsides of Vail, as well as the streets and sidewalks, and with that often comes a squint-worthy glare. Sunglasses can help you avoid watery and sunburnt eyes.

4. Lip balm and lotion: At 8,150 ft. above sea level, the air in Vail is thin and can often dry out skin, especially when it is paired with sunshine. Moisturizing is great way to avoid chapped lips and cracked skin.

5. A water bottle: We love Colorado’s lack of humidity, but with it comes the increased need to nourish your body with water. Water bottles are practically a fashion accessory in Vail, and those not used to the higher altitude should remain hydrated at all times.

6. Sunscreen: We usually equate sunburn with beaches and summertime, but the sun’s rays are only heightened when reflecting off of Vail’s snow-covered mountains. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen before hitting the slopes.

7. A functional backpack or purse: Vail is full of après skiing activities. After a long day of skiing or shopping your way through its stylish boutiques, hitting a happy hour or enjoying a nice cup of something warm is made easier when carrying a utilitarian bag.

8. Pain reliever: Skiing and snowboarding are often hard on your joints and require far more muscles than you may realize, so waking up sore after a ski-cation is not uncommon. Remembering to bring a small bottle of Advil or your favorite pain reliever can make a huge difference!

9. Camera: Solaris is home to some of the most scenic residences in Vail. Mountain view rooms with large bay windows provide guests with some of the finest shots of the surrounding area, though this small mountain town is riddled with beautiful scenery. Bring your camera and take advantage of these prime snapshot opportunities.

10. An adventurous attitude: Whether you are looking for a relaxing mountain getaway or a winter sport vacation, it is important to bring your sense of adventure to Solaris Vail. Our Personal Assistants are capable of fulfilling your most outrageous requests, and we encourage you to test their limits!

Did you forget any of the above items? The staff at Solaris Vail can provide many by request at the front desk, and is happy to purchase the others for you pre-arrival. Our Personal Assistants can also stock your fridge, make dinner reservations, arrange a romantic evening for you and your significant other or any other service you can imagine.

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